Shelving to fit your needs and budget.

If you're looking for good quality used warehouse, industrial or commercial shelving for product, parts or record storage, we may have what you're looking for, at prices better than new. Our typical inventory of used steel shelving includes Metalware and Dexion. Metalware is typically a painted product while Dexion shelves can come with either a painted and galvanized finish.

If you require shelving widths larger than typical steel shelving bays offer, then Wide Span Shelving may be a better option for your needs. Wide Span Shelving also known as Baby Rack - has beams and frames similar to standard palllet racking only much smaller. This product is ideal for hand stack product storage operations, record storage and retail operations. Wide Span Shelving can easily be fitted with optional wire mesh decks, galvanized panels or wood decks to suit your storage needs.

If you need help in finding a product storage solution to fit your needs please give us a call, our storage solutions experts can help find you the best fit for your needs at fair prices. 

To have a look at our full inventory listing please click on the link below for a full product listing. All material is on a first come first serve basis. Material Listing